Monday, 27 May 2013

Sharepoint 2013 - Create a SP Group using CSOM javascript

In this example we will get to know how to create and assign permission to a SP Group using CSOM - client object model in javascript.

//Sample -
function createSPGroups()
//Load new Site
   var currentCTX = new SP.ClientContext();
   var currentWEB  = currentCTX.get_web();

   //Get all groups in site
   var groupCollection = currentWEB.get_siteGroups();

   // Create Group information for Group
var membersGRP = new SP.GroupCreationInformation();
membersGRP.set_title('Group Name');
membersGRP.set_description('Use this group to grant people contribute permissions to the SharePoint site: ');

//add group
oMembersGRP = currentWEB.get_siteGroups().add(membersGRP);

//Get Role Definition by name (
//return SP.RoleDefinition object
var rdContribute = currentWEB.get_roleDefinitions().getByName('Contribute');

// Create a new RoleDefinitionBindingCollection.
        var collContribute = SP.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection.newObject(currentCTX);
        // Add the role to the collection.

// Get the RoleAssignmentCollection for the target web.
        var assignments = currentWEB.get_roleAssignments();
 // assign the group to the new RoleDefinitionBindingCollection.
var roleAssignmentContribute = assignments.add(oMembersGRP, collContribute);


//Execute Query
currentCTX.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceeded), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed));

        function onQuerySucceeded() {

        function onQueryFailed(sender, args) {
            alert('Request failed. ' + args.get_message() + '\n' + args.get_stackTrace());

Here, I my assigning a predefined permission level i.e. Contribute to the group.We can create our own custom permission level and assign to the group.Creating custom permission level will be discussed in upcoming blogs.

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